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Product, net content, hot01 ivory white (cool white), hot02 natural white (cool natural color), B02 natural white (warm natural color, big oily skin version B02 warm natural white, big oily skin version B01 warm white, B01 white (warm, big oily skin version P01 cold white, 03 natural color (warm healthy complexion),,,

There is a big difference between the color and the picture. The real object is like the old one, and there is the agreed frosting. I don't see it. I only see a pile of thread end fabric material: 100% polyester fiber color pattern: the color is similar to the picture. I like it very much, it's relatively elegant, and I won't be too single. Touch feeling: the touch is OK. It's frosted, so it's still comfortable and soft to touch, It's more comfortable to feel than another set of pure cotton washed cotton. I'm going to return that set. The cloth is too thin and not as comfortable to feel. However, there is only a very, very short layer of wool in the frosting treatment, which will not have the feeling of fluffy coral blanket. Product packaging: the packaging is very good, and there is no problem in giving people away, but I don't know how much static electricity is used in winter. The customer service said that the fabric has been treated and is not prone to static electricity. Now I haven't used it yet. I have to evaluate the fabric material after use: it can be soft, the packaging is very good, and the logistics is invincible,

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