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Color, net content, soft yarn, clear and transparent, to1 transparent color, smoke, clear and transparent, N01 naturally white, smoke, clear and transparent, N02 natural complexion, smoke, clear and transparent, Y01 warm and white,,,

I just received the bag. I really like it. The quality is very good. It's better to wear white clothes in summer. I like these two chains best and look very high. The bags that have been planted with grass for a long time are amazing and of appropriate size. They are made of genuine leather. The packaging is also very exquisite. They feel very good and the workmanship is fine. The big brand is the big brand. I don't know if I will go farther and farther on the way to buy the bags for the first time. In short, I have a very pleasant shopping and have a good time. Support self operated products. Express lever! Super good-looking and practical, versatile, soft leather, very comfortable, and the chain length is just right. I believe the quality of this store, fast delivery speed and no color difference. This year's popular model is of high quality and low price, good-looking style, exquisite packaging and fine workmanship. Great love.

‼ [new product] wear mask in winter to prevent stuffy, inner support artifact, breathable makeup 3D three-dimensional support, mouth and nose separation support frame to prevent strangulation

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